A unique perfume is a true reflection of the Russian woman’s soul full of secrets and mystery. The different notes of each fragrance consist all the toughness and tenderness showing the true nature of the Russian women, Russian history and its traditions. That’s what makes the present special - it’s not just a souvenir from Russia, but a souvenir with a truly Russian soul!

Mystery and its deepness, all the unspoken adds a romantic note and gets a secret sacral meaning. Going deeper into the attracting grace, you get a calming feeling and a clear understanding of yourself and your edges. Each move, each word surrounded by the silky scent gets a deeper meaning. It awakes you from sleep and fills from the inside with something you have already forgotten, but always wanted to remember. As a frosty crunchy blackberry, the perfume gives you all the gifts of its smell. It goes around your body and makes the special inspiring atmosphere that moves you for the searches of your inner being and the deep understanding of your own perfection. Wisteria and the lemon leaves will awake the deepest desires of self-exploring and your sexuality. It will infatuate you and remind you about the inside wish of self-enjoying. The heart note will find the way to attract everyone’s attention, wishing to feel the aroma magic again. Amber and Osmanthus, mixing in a passionate cocktail, make the mystery base which enframes the perfume like the crown, making the atmosphere of love and desire.