The morning freshness penetrates into the thinnest layers of your soul, arousing the most sacral memories that found its place in the deepest corners of your heart. A tender sweetness swirl around the body and soul, awaking the true femininity and charm, letting you talk with no words. An exquisite grace softly falls on the warm skin disclosing its scent with new unexpected notes. The perfume trace softly hovers around leaving the sweet aftertaste and the desire to get more of it. The inside calmness mixes up with the wildness of the self-perfection.

The top note of the fragrance gently shows up in a swirl of the air and warm skin, filling in the mind with awareness of self-understanding. The perfume bouquet slowly opens up as geisha helping to feel again all the know and new feelings that can be compared only to the calmness of the first lights of sunrise. The fresh scent of the perfume reveals the new shades of black currant’s delicate taste. Cassia, mixed up with a juicy mandarin, flows through your body as a silky river filling in the soul with the truly wanted motives. Apricot seduces you with its softness, bathing in the flow of roses and lilies. Pungent musk combined with the sweetness of vanilla, will show up its new facets and disclose its spicy essence. It will fascinate and swirl you in its scent reminding about the magical moment of its presence.