Softness and tenderness shackles all that should have come to the end and fills in with the energy everything that should have found its beginning. The perfume softly lays down on the sweet skin of a neck and wrists alluring you to touch the magic of the inside beauty that doesn't have the beginning and the end, but has the fragile structure. The magical bliss softly attracts you sharing its secrets, calming you and telling about the most amazing life moments. As swimming in the sky full of stars you get all the magnificent meaning of life and feel all the possible facets of living. The magic of perfume softly falls down on your skin and lets you fully enjoy the luxury of the inside freedom. The composition of aroma goes through your mind making the dreams and motives fly searching for the new emotions. The cane and mint mixing together make the expectation of the soonest changes, boiling from the inside, desire of the dreams coming true. Light and airy heart notes will run as a small silky river on the soft skin giving a gentle trace of the white peach and lilies, opening the grace and the covered romance of the soul. They will swirl you in its dance and give you a hint to the possible continuing. The basic notes of vanilla and amaryllis will awake your dreams and feelings. Rose will leave a soft trace consisting all the desired notes and will let you get opened as a flower itself showing the world of your inside magic.