Feel all the deepness and power of the Russian soul in the new limited-edition perfumes RUSSIAN PRESENT from Sergio Nero

Russian Present
from Sergio Nero

Layer by layer as a famous Russian doll Matreshka each fragrance reveals its essence. Glowing in the beauty of warm notes, it brings back all the memories about Russia, so severe sometimes, but also breath-taking, reflecting simplicity and the deep sense.

The Russian touch...

The best fragrance according to experts 


А limited-edition perfume line RUSSIAN PRESENT from Sergio Nero was awarded by the prestigious diploma of FIFI – Russian Fragrance Awards 2016. This fragrance line is very popular on the Russian market, and especially honored by collectors of unusual perfumes.



А perfume collection RUSSIAN PRESENT is a quintessence of all the Russian motives that you have ever heard about. It's a fascinating fresh meadow under the morning sun, it's warm cosy evenings in a Russian village with a grandmother’s fairytale, it's a simple happiness and deep calmness. 


of choice


Three limited-edition perfumes make three different styles, three different atmospheres that can calm you, attract you with their magic and raise the passion inside you! All perfumes have similar components in their base, but thanks to exceptional symphony of subtle notes each fragrance possesses its distinct aroma. 

Perfume’s magic

The scent fills in everyone who opens his soul for it. Perfume matreshka isn’t just a unique souvenir based on the Russian traditions, but an exceptional thing which conveys the genuine beauty and luxury of the Russian women. They don't seek for a beautiful cover, but prefer things emphasizing the harmony and naturalness of their image.

The original fragrances RUSSIAN PRESENT - the three exceptional perfumes that don't just show the genuine Russian temper, but also create a unique scent for each woman. Laying softly on her tender skin, each perfume opens up its own smell with the new unexpected notes that disclose her grace and magic. Three amazing perfumes: calming Blue that will swirl you in a sweet freshness leaving an alluring trail. Passionate Red as a reflection of luxury and desire that evokes fire from the deepness of your soul. Mysterious Magic, a seductive scent that speaks for itself and discloses your inner thoughts and desires. These unforgettable perfumes with a Russian spirit inside will make you a center of everyone's attention. Each of them is a bridge to the depth of your wishes and dreams that are getting awake under the gentle bliss of special notes that were collected by the best French perfumers. They are made to surround you by the warm cloud of unique atmosphere that will perfectly fit with your own wishes.

  The three exceptional perfumes  

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It is believed that Russian women are very attractive to men, but can this be embodied in a perfume composition for transfer to other women? Everything is possible with our fragrances! 
We don't promise the answer to the secret of the Russian soul, but we will make you such a mystery with our perfumes. 

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I can well believe this Eau de parfume was the winner in 2 nominations of 2016 FIFI Russian Fragrance Awards
It comes beautifully boxed and has the Eau de parfume in an elegant flat Russian doll shape bottle inside.